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    Personal Google Maps profile

    Spotify, Netflix, etc., all accessible in your Tesla with your own account. It would be so nice to be able to choose your own Google Maps-profile with all your personalized goodies instead of the dull standard Google Maps navigation screen
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    Frustrating wiper controls.

    The same here for the S Plaid as well as my previous S. Can't be that difficult to solve, since other cars don't have that issue
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    Automated whipers since 2019 still beta version..... The automatic response to precipitation is below any standard. In almost any other car it works perfectly but in our S and Y it's a real joke; sometimes on a clear sunny day it activates without any reason and you have to manually shut it...
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    MODEL S 2023, real range instead of inaccurate estimated

    Why doesn't the new S have the real range and power consumption anymore. The old model use to have it an the 3 and Y have it in a very easy small box on the screen and is very reliable. The estimated range shown on the new S is not accurate at all, even in superior weather and driving...