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    Discuss: Tesla FSD v12 Rolls Out to Employees With Update 2023.38.10

    Is this going to be our Holiday Update this year??
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    Hertz Rentals Adding App Support for Rental Tesla

    I have rented a Model 3 on some of my recent trips via Hertz, but the big downside was you had to use the keycard. And that card was in a very large keyring that was a pain to keep on myself. This morning I got an email saying they have added the option to add the rental car into your Tesla app...
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    Discuss: 2023.32 Official Tesla Release Notes

    I was on 11.4.4 (2023.7.20) and I got the upgrade notice yesterday that took me to 11.4.7 (2023.7.30). I wish they would move the FSD up to a more recent version to give us some of the newer features.