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  1. e-frosch

    Discuss: Tesla Updates App to v4.33.5 with Minor Fixes

    The chat bubble and also the Ask a Question field was never presented in Germany, maybe not in Europe
  2. e-frosch

    Discuss: Tesla Updates App to v4.32.6; Adds Model 3 Performance Support

    Some users report that it is no longer possible to create routes on iPhone 10 and higher. The area is completely hidden. I can confirm this on the iPhone 10. Is there no new update announced?
  3. e-frosch

    Discuss: Tesla Updates App to v4.31.5; Fixes and References to Upcoming Features

    The demo mode for Tesla vehicles is already there. See Discover> Order vehicle> at the right end of models.
  4. e-frosch

    Discuss: Tesla Update 2024.8 Brings New Menus for WiFi and Bluetooth; Changes to Turn Signal Icons and Hold Mode

    The 'Hold,' icon was not shown instead of speed! (Here in Germany with 2024.2 and older versions) I don't understand the new feature. What is the different?
  5. e-frosch

    Discuss: Tesla's Auto Wiper Update: A Response to Persistent Owner Feedback

    Beautifully talked about. The fact is that the system has not worked for x years. Instead of leaving it at a rain sensor and developing an AI system in parallel, and only using it when it really works 100%, Tesla drivers will be annoyed for years.
  6. e-frosch

    Discuss: Should Tesla Have Prioritized Its Next-Gen Vehicle 'Redwood' Over the Cybertruck?

    Definitely would have been a better decision to get a Model 2 (next generation, $25k) on the road sooner instead of spending so much time and money developing the CT. Tesla would have become the largest manufacturer of electric cars in the world. Now they are trailing BYD and other, mostly...
  7. e-frosch

    Discuss: 2023.44.25 Official Tesla Release Notes

    but it's in german
  8. e-frosch

    Discuss: 2023.44.25 Official Tesla Release Notes

    Hello! I created a video about it on YouTube and the response to it is almost entirely negative and disappointing. It is expected that the windshield wiper will finally work correctly, automatic parking will come back, sign recognition will also be implemented correctly, a bird's eye view will...
  9. e-frosch

    Discuss: Tesla Updates App to v4.27

    App 4.27.1 improvement
  10. e-frosch

    Discuss: Tesla Updates App to v4.27

    In navigate area the departure and arrival time ist better readable. Now it's in two lines.
  11. e-frosch

    Software update 2023.38 not documented changes

    The latest Update 2023.38.6 include also changes in Service mode, see image attachment
  12. e-frosch

    Discuss: 2023.31.600 Official Tesla Release Notes

    Wer erhält dieses Update? 31.600? Strange
  13. e-frosch

    Discuss: Tesla Cybertruck Video Reveals New UI Features; Undergoes Bulletproof Testing

    I love and appreciate Tesla, but the Cybertruck is a disaster! Imagine being a pedestrian or cyclist involved in an accident with this monster. Other pickups are bad too? Yes, and is that an argument for more monsters?
  14. e-frosch

    Update 2023.32.9

    Does this update fix the issues in Navigation? A lot of users reporting problems while navigate and SC's. See also my last video at YT.
  15. e-frosch

    Discuss: Tesla To Introduce New Safety Feature That Monitors Driver's Drowsiness

    Thank you for your information. In German manual it's not inserted, not visible.
  16. e-frosch

    Discuss: Tesla To Introduce New Safety Feature That Monitors Driver's Drowsiness

    When and in which regions will it be launched? With which update?
  17. e-frosch

    Discuss: Tesla Improves Reverse Camera View in Update 2023.32

    The update 2023.32.4 appeared for me on the evening of September 19th, but this morning it disappeared again. Apparently there are problems there.
  18. e-frosch

    Tesla App is 4.23.6 already

    Again an update for the App. 4.23.6.
  19. e-frosch

    Discuss: 2023.12 Official Tesla Release Notes

    I think while shift between R, D, P