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    Discuss: Musk Reveals Tesla Owners With Hardware 4 Will Continue To Face FSD Beta Delays

    Am I the only one who thinks this is great news? Doesn't this also mean that Elon just indirectly said that FSD Beta in EU is aimed at being ready in 6 months?
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    Wrong undocumented feature

    In a recent update, it was displayed that disabling passenger ventilation would happen if a passenger wasn't present. This feature has been present for more than a year since I bought my car. Just wanted to let you know.
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    Where is FSD beta V11?

    It was just confirmed by Elon that the new estimate is "a week or so" for original YouTube testers.
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    Where is FSD beta V11?

    True, but saying something will come out tomorrow is a bit more specific.
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    Where is FSD beta V11?

    Has anyone heard anything from anyone? Last I heard was Thanksgiving, even confirmed one day before. It seems weird that there's been no comments. Also this forum needs a "general" or "misc" forum. Didn't feel like any of the forums was right for this post.
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    Tesla updates app to 4.14 with lock screen widgets and more

    For what platform? Android? iOS?
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    Tesla is removing ultrasonic sensors from all of its vehicles

    I'm gonna be concerned about obstacles too low for the cameras to see.
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    All the undocumented changes found in Tesla update 2022.28.2

    This is because you've gotten Tesla Vision.
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    Apple to offer 'Clean Energy Charging' in iOS 16.1, should Tesla start offering it too?

    Tesla already has a feature to charge when the prices are lowest. And when the prices are lowest, it's typically because there's higher abundance of power. Although this is not directly proportional to renewable sources, it is still a way to optimize power usage. And since renewables are...
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    Tesla to expand FSD Beta to Safety Scores above 80 with

    How many testers would this roll out to, with the new safety score requirement being 80? Does anyone know?
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    New FSD Beta 10.69 visualization for debris

    Hmm that's a shame in my opinion. I think NotATeslaApp could be even more popular if there was a section for the small tidbits. In my opinion, forum activity will come eventually. I signed up to discuss the radar article, despite not much activity in the forums.
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    New FSD Beta 10.69 visualization for debris

    This is awesome. How come it's only here in the forums and not on the main site?