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  1. jefflopez

    Some fonts misaligned

    Just got version 2023.12.11 last night and I can confirm the misalignment is still there, sadly.
  2. jefflopez

    Some fonts misaligned

    Has anybody else noticed this? The most common spot is the charge percentage numbers, they are almost always misaligned now. I think I started noticing it after the update that gave us the ability to choose the font size. If I do a reset on the car it seems to go away but comes back a couple...
  3. jefflopez

    phantom braking

    Late reply but here's what I noticed. Last year (December 2021) I took my first long road trip in my 2021 Model Y (Long Range) from Colorado to Dallas TX. With Autopilot engaged, I noticed a HUGE issue with phantom breaking. It was about an 11 hour drive during the night and if I had to guess...