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    Discuss: Tesla's Holiday Update: Unpacking The Massive Amount of Undocumented Changes

    Any plans getting the new 3D park into models with ultra soundsensors?
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    Automatic Headlights / Speedsign in Denmark why not?

    Yes it reads the signs bit it dos not ajust the speed accordingly like in Germany.. and I dont Think it reads the speedsigns during rosdwork…
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    Automatic Headlights / Speedsign in Denmark why not?

    Hi again they are not that different, the inenes in german and Denmark
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    Automatic Headlights / Speedsign in Denmark why not?

    Mr. Musk I know that cars automatic have the front light on, but our rear light are often off when it rains. So think u’s in Danmark would like the feature too when we are at it. Why do Tesla not activate that the camera reads speed signs. I was in Berlin germany my Care registrated...
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    Give the model 3 and Y 2021 FSD software lover price

    Hi @Musk in 2021 I and Many others bought a new Tesla model 3 and Y before prices were lowered. To give u’s a bit og compensation you could give u’s a 50% Cut of on the FSD package, som that our loss feels a bit Less.
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    Preheating when driving to another Supercharger than Tesla SUC

    Hi When I use another supercharger than Tesla SUC I cant get my model3 to start preheating. I have added the chargers on my route to the prefered list so it could be Nice if I could ”tag” Them as Superchargers so that my Tesla could begin to preheat as it do when driving to a SUC
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    Wanted feature when I push the wiper button

    Okay we got that with the latest version
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    Wishlist future release Turn on taillight when it rains

    When it rains it is often that there is also bad visibility, so a nice feature would be to turn the taillights on when the Auto wiper funktion start due to rain
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    Discuss: Tesla's Model 3 Now Costs Less Than the Average New Car

    Think that Elon should compensate with some free software for u’s that bought the Model 3 or Y before the he changed the pricung.. we are kind of having a Huge loss
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    Wanted feature when I push the wiper button

    Would be Nice if when I push the wiper button on the left there was a function that if I clicked twice it would move between the differentiere speeds. 1 click just one wipe 2,3,4,5 slide between the different speeds including Auto