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    Discuss: Tesla and Ford Forge New Partnership: Ford To Incorporate Tesla Charge Port (NACS) in Future EVs

    And then there is the question of how many of those 84,000 are online and delivering the rated kW?
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    Discuss - Ford Adopts NACS In Future EVs

    I'm not sure how I feel about this. I own 2 MS (2017 -75D w/FSD, and 2018 - 100D w/FSD). I'm about to trade in the 2017 and buy a MB EQE SUV. While I like the Magic Dock approach to allowing CCS-1 EVs to use a portion of the available super chargers I'm not sure I will be happy that your Ford...
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    FSD Quirks

    Thanks for your reply. I'll change that setting. I don't get the logic from a safety perspective. Why does FSD think that the left lane is safer? It nags me to get out of the left lane on the interstate. Oh well.
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    FSD Quirks

    I have a 2018 MS 100D and I'm on software version 2022.44.30.5. Yesterday I drove from Bluffton, SC to Charleston, SC and attempted to use FSD for the trip. Most of the trip is on Highway 17, a lightly travelled, mostly 4 lane divided highway where the speed limit varies from 50 to 60 mph. This...
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    FSD Beta to go out to everyone in about a month

    I am bringing in my 2017 MS75D to the Tesla Service Center in Columbus OH to have the cameras swapped out on Monday. Tesla contacted me through the app. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Camera upgrades

    I got a notice that I should bring in my 2017 MS 75D in to Tesla Service for an "Autopilot Camera Upgrade. Camera replacements are required to access a continuously expanding suite of Full-Self Driving Capability features." I bought FSD years ago and Tesla upgraded my HW 2.0 to HW 3.0 for free...
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    You can now order a Tesla directly from the Tesla app

    I wonder when the access to Tesla super chargers will be open to non Tesla vehicles? I have a friend who is driving his EQS from Atlantic City to Columbus Ohio. He has already experienced range anxiety when he arrived at a charging station with no working chargers. Fortunately he was able to get...