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    As a Tesla owner, I get frustrated that other car makers can't seem to get the basic things right.

    I wouldn't call this "super low," Bolts get a max of 55kW (that's low to me), and Model 3 RWDs are 170kW.
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    Side cameras flicker with blue tint on turn signals since 2023.32.4

    I haven't seen that, but I notice that the image looks dimmer.
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    Project Highland Reveal (carwow)

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    Discuss: Tesla's Dilbert Cartoon Moment - Penalized for Being Too Efficient

    "lack of negligence" .... "miss use" :rolleyes:
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    Discuss: Tesla Ordered to Upgrade Owner's FSD Computer for Free

    Jordan's issue wasn't MCU1 to MCU2, it was AP2.5 to AP3