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    Repair Delays

    I touch base with the repair shop weekly. He reports that he has over a dozen Teslas waiting for parts, and cannot get an eta for parts as simple as hoods or bumpers. These things are stamped out, not hand tooled. Its hard to believe that I will have to wait for new production facilies to start...
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    Repair Delays

    My Tesla Y is in the shop for some body work. It has been there for three weeks, and I am told that it could be several more weeks efore the necessary parts are available from Tesla. If I had a Ford, BMW, Kia or almost any other car, I would be in and out in a week or two. For a company as...
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    Route planning.

    I took a road trip from Wilmington, DE to Portland, ME using the route planner in the car. Each trip had me stop twice for charging, but at about 30-40 minutes. On the trip back, we had lunch while the car charged (1st stop) to close to 100%. When I redid directions to home, it showed that I...
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    When will FSD 11.4 catch up with the rest of the upgrades

    I just upgraded to 23.7.30, and am looking forward to testing this latest version of FSD. BUT, there are 25 updates (23.32) that I don't have. Is there a plan to merge these two paths or am I always going to miss out on interface improvements because I have FSD.
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    Still Some Quirks in the Latest FSD Update

    I got the latest update last week and took a 100 mile trip with it. There are still some quirks, and some have returned that I thought were gone. First, on autopilot or FSD, the car will try to move itself into either a right turn lane or left turn lane when directions call for it to go...
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    When does fsd updates get 2023 updates

    I get the fsd updates which are in the 2022.45 vintage. There are lots of new features listed in the current 2023 versions that fsd drivers do not seem to get. Will this be rectified soon?