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    Discuss: Tesla Releases FSD Beta 11.3.3: Starts Going Out to Owners

    I have been stuck on FSD Beta 10.69.25 Since last Dec 24. There are only 283 cars left with that version according to TeslaFi. Kind of disappointing to see all of the other versions bumping up to 11.3.3 while we are still sitting on 10.69.25 Does anyone have any idea about why that happens?
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    Discuss: Tesla FSD Beta v11 headed for wide release

    It is also weird that on Teslafi they showed one release of v11 over a week ago and nothing since. But now they are dribbling out v69.25.1 Wonder if they will keep dribbling out 25.1 until everyone has it, or if at some point they will simply resume v11. Makes me wonder if they encountered...