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    Discuss: FSD Beta 11.4.2 (2023.7.10) Official Tesla Release Notes

    I have to say since receiving v11 in any form, I've been less than impressed. I don't track the versions like some of you, but this is the version of v11 I am on currently. I have been using FSD more often (especially in the city) which can account for some increase in issues noticed, but on the...
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    Quick question about Apple Music after update….

    Have you tried signing out and back in on the car? It sounds like a cloud sync problem.
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    Discuss: Tesla’s FSD Beta 11.3.3 Close, but Musk Announces Version 11.3.4 Refinement Needed

    This deployment has been a disaster so far.
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    Discuss: Musk Says FSD Beta v11 Is Going 'Wide' This Weekend

    Not yet. I came here to ask the same, or "is this real". For any already using V11, did they resolve the auto-park bug? Mine quit working after the holiday update in December (and for many others it seemed). Believe it or not, I used this quite a bit.
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    Discuss: Tesla to Remove Steering Wheel Nag This Month

    I keep a hand gently on the steering wheel but do a quick volume increase/decrease by 1-click to dismiss the nag. Much easier than jiggling the wheel, and you don't notice the increase/decrease on any audio playing.
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    Discuss: 2022.44.25.1 Official Tesla Release Notes

    I haven't had my M3 for the last 36ish hours while it was getting tinted. Up to when I dropped it off, I hadn't received the update. Picked it up this morning, and it looks great and the update was there ready for installation. There are tons of things I want and don't have, but I'm happy with...