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    Discuss: Tesla Halts Rollout of FSB Beta to More Users; Could Delay FSD Beta v11.3

    Has anyone seen confirmation that this is just removing the "assertive" mode that was intentionally added to allow FSD beta to behave more like human drivers (in California)? The listed "defects" seem to align with those features, and the recall notes that they may deviate from norms or local...
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    Discuss: Tesla to Remove Window Auto-Close Features Due to New Regulations

    I makes zero sense that I can make my car turn on and drive over to me in a parking lot, but I can't have the windows open or close an inch from the same distance.
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    Discuss: Tesla Vehicles Are the Most Efficient EVs in the Winter Months

    So it's not just Tesla's use of a heat pump, it's the Octovalve that lets them send heat in so many different directions that makes it more efficient than other EVs. Taking waste heat from the drivetain or battery and pumping it into the cabin is like free energy! The 50° F threshold you...