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    Discuss: First Look at Tesla's 'Drive on Sunshine' Feature That Will Charge Your Tesla With Excess Solar Energy

    I already use adaptive solar charging on my TM3. If you got Modbus access to your inverter (For fast updates) and "Home Assistant" this genius guy has made an automation you can use. I have 7 sec. updates on my PV & im/export W values + battery W (also works if your system isnt equipped with...
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    Discuss: Tesla FSD Beta 11.4.1 is Excellent states Elon Musk

    As long as a HW3 Tesla intermittent wont do more than 4 MPh when visibility is below 500 Yards, which happens often here. (Acknowledged by Tesla as being "within specs"), what should FSD be good for anyway.
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    Cruise Control Bug

    Yeah its terrible and where i drive its often where ex. trucks or cars towing trailers only can do 70 kph vs. cars can do 80. Even though cruise control never should touch your speed. Worst place i experience it, it does it 3 times within 500 meters. Been like this since, guess it came in...