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    Discuss: Tesla FSD Hardware 4.0 Revealed: More Cameras, New Placements

    I have a M3P that I got a month ago. I wouldn't wait. You're always going to have FOMO (fear of missing out) with Tesla, but current FSD works pretty darn well on 2023s. I am still waiting for the USS replacement (which for 2023s) is a Teslavision product that hasn't rolled out yet. So, no...
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    Discuss: Tesla to Remove Steering Wheel Nag This Month

    100% on road safety! I really don't like that the nag is hidden at the bottom corner of my screen down by the radio station/music widget. And, by the time you get the blue flash at the top, it pretty quickly goes ballistic. I got my only strike so far in a traffic circle where I was busy trying...
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    Discuss: Tesla to Remove Steering Wheel Nag This Month

    I have two issues with the nag. First, there are times when I feel like it's alerting me every 10 seconds, and that seems to be true whether I am touching the wheel or not. At other times, I think it will go for several minutes. Second, it often nags whiles in the middle of a maneuver. We have a...
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    Discuss: Elon Musk on FSD Beta v11: "Hoping to Ship v11.3 by End of Week"

    The version released over the holidays has been amazing. My M3P navigated a busy traffic circle/rotary this morning at rush hour. I would have given in a 10% chance previously. Pretty incredible.
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    Discuss: Owner Finds Tesla Is Already Using Vision to Replace Ultrasonic Sensors

    Yeah, I'm seeing that too. I can't wait for it to actually start working correctly. I park in a tight garage at work, and I'm not interesting in measurement by contact!
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    Discuss: Leak Reveals Tesla Hardware 4.0 Will Feature Camera Heaters and Fans

    These leaked cameras look exactly like the ones on my M3P delivered a couple weeks ago (front cameras are very different than friend's M3). They do appear to be pretty hi-res, but without USS it will be interesting to see if I ever get proximity distances. Notably my Kia can do it, but Tesla now...