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    Rear Fog Lights on US vehicles

    I guess from your comment that you've never seen rear fog lights on a car. As in, you've NEVER seen a Mercedes, Volvo, Audi or Range Rover with extremely bright lights on the back and wondered why they were so bright? THOSE are rear fog lights. And they're RED! In the rest of the world there's...
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    Tesla is removing ultrasonic sensors from all of its vehicles

    This is my concern. Other vehicles have a camera on the windshield AND on the front nose. I wonder if a camera on the nose will be coming to new models too. That would definitely capture anything low, like curbs etc. Also, I wonder if we'll ever get rear traffic monitoring. When backing out of...
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    Tesla to implement new hazard light system via software update

    Now all US regulators need to do is mandate amber rear indictors. You know, like the rest of the civilized world. Otherwise, fast flashing red lights won't really alert anyone. Amber can be seen from a distance and let's everyone know that those are emergency flashers.
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    Rear Fog Lights on US vehicles

    I think I saw that Model S and Model X have rear fog lights even on US models but the Model 3 and Y don't. Is there any reason why these vehicles don't have this feature? It's a genuine safety feature that's mandated around the world. The US regulators don't see that (or amber indicators) as a...