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    What is optimal speed to arrive as fast as possible?

    Hi there! I’m driving a model Y long range. 95% of my travels are around the 100km (single trip). Sometime I do longer travels. Like Rotterdam - Berlin (650+km) I am curious what driving/charging strategy is optimal to arrive somewhere as fast as possible. Regardless of allowed speeds...
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    Discuss: Tesla expected to add HD radar to vehicles next month

    I have the radar in my 2021 Model Y. If I am reading this right they are talking about a new radar sensor (HD). So probably my current radar will not be activated again since it’s too low res. I hope it will because the distance of the adaptive cruise control is way to big for normal traffic.
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    More forced autopilot disengagement without warning

    Well that’s not the case for me. I think it’s more related to straight driving and (lack of) sensing the arms at the steering wheel. Those disengagements are without warning (no beep or blue flashing screen).
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    Why does tesla has it's own navigation files?

    Thanks!! I thought something like that could be the case (offline usage). But still the waiting time between releasing versions :(
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    More forced autopilot disengagement without warning

    I noticed since a while (I think since 2022.40.4 update) that I get the force autopilot disengagement after a longer period. My usecase. Around the 20 mins of autopilot drivingin a straight line (almost no movement of the steering wheel) it disengages the auotpilot (red steering wheel and audio...
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    Why does tesla has it's own navigation files?

    Perhaps I don't understand it :D The graphics in the display are real time downloaded from Google right? The navigation data is only updated a few times a year. Result is that the maps (from google) already shows the new road, but the blue navigation line isn't following the road. If I...
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    2022.24.6 is updating vehicles to Tesla Vision, although you may have missed it

    I am really sad that we can’t downgrade the software :( Please let us go back to AP with sensor. As yoyasp is saying. It’s against the law in the Netherlands to use the high beam in these conditions. I am really curious what tesla is going to do. Disable AP in the Netherlands or allow the...
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    All the undocumented changes found in Tesla update 2022.28.2

    the high beam is really annoying. Since it doesn’t detect very well the oncoming traffic. I get almost every 5 minutes someone who is signaling me to disable my high beams. Also it’s very easy to recognize other teslas because they blind me and you see the high beam going on/off/on/off on the...
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    2022.24.6 is updating vehicles to Tesla Vision, although you may have missed it

    Hi fellow brave tesla testers in this nice community. I updated last Friday and drove for approx 500 km’s with this new update (2022.28.1). I use it in quiet and heavy traffic environments. My opinion. 1) gap to the car in front: It’s really a step back. Way too much space for the next car...