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    Automatic windshield wipers are still in Beta development, according to Tesla.

    According to Tesla Service, issues with the automatic windshield wipers are still in Beta development. After the severe weather in northern California, I found it extremely difficult to rely on my windshield wipers in automatic mode. It either operates too fast when it's only drizzling or too...
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    Discuss: 2023.6.1 Official Tesla Release Notes

    Any rumors on a software update for left-hand drive vehicles, having just the right mirror tilting down while curb parking?
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    Font Size slider

    I'm old enough not to have 20/20 vision these days. As a suggestion to Tesla, having a Font Size slider in the info screen would help tremendously. Some of the text is so small that it cannot be read, especially in navigation directions and notifications. Any thoughts from people who find it...